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AOR has produced and created a wide variety of projects and productions in the past. Our choice of work is guided by one philosophy: Pursue work which inspires us, provokes our audience, and subject matter that we are passionate about.


Selected Productions/Project list:

7: Group show. Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver (July 2016)

Mixtape: Blackholes, Trauma, and Leather. Group Show. Vancouver (July 2015)

Lord of the Flies(AORProducer/Director) – October 2012
The Outsiders (AOR Producer/Director – November 2011)
Jill Dreaddy Dance Company (Produced and created Animation June 2011)
Alice in Wonderland (AOR Co-Produced/Created with Tada Events! and Acro Adix October 2010)
The Apostles (AOR Visual Art Show Event August 2010)
Our Divas Do Christmas (Produced and created Animation – Show Produced by Tada Events! December 2009)
Rocky Horror Show (Produced and created Animation – Show Produced by Tada Events March 2009)
The Diary of Anne Frank (AOR Producer/Designer May 2009)
Gypsy Impressions: Lynn Kuo with Thomas Yee (AOR Producer August 2008)
Drawn to the Rhythm: A Tribute to Sarah McLachlan (AOR Producer March 2007)
Laura Beth Gray and Sally Can’t Dance Concert (AOR Producer February 2007)
Fitter Happier: A Video Tribute to Radiohead (AOR Producer Animator February 2007)
Into The Mist (AOR Independent Short 2006)
Dracula (AOR Producer/Designer/Writer 2005)