(Updated May 6th, 2019)

What is the ARC program?

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If I particpate in an AOR show, am I eligible for any awards or scholarships?

As of 2019, performers accepted into the ARC Program will be automatically eligible for awards/scholarships including the James D. Boone Memorial Award.

When can I audition to be a member of the ARC program?

Auditions will be announced on our casting page, via our instagram (@aorpresents) and relevant social media. Check our casting page for all other open calls.

13-17 here.

18-25 here.

What is the duration of the ARC Program?

This is a pilot project right now. The goal is that it is ongoing. Once selected, participants would meet one to two days a week for under 17 and once a week for under 25.

Performers will work with Mentor John Rao on an ongoing basis and have a series of workshops with 2019 mentors Chuck Herriott, Danielle Irivine, Martin Vallee, Dana Parsons, Anahareo Dolle, and Pamela Pittman throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

Once a show is selected for the ARC companies, the rehearsal period will be 3 – 4 days a week for 4-6 weeks. After that time, the companies will meet with the mentors to reflect on their experiences. This will be followed by a break then the cycle will start up again with an audition period for new company members.


What kind of shows will the ARC program produce?

This will depend on those selected for the company and programming choices of John Rao. The long term goal now is a fall and spring production. There are a variety of options from traditional plays, musicals, to cabaret concepts.


How much does this program cost?

The cost is time. To audition is free. Once selected, it’s free. Workshops are also free. You do not pay for costumes. This is subject to change, but our goal is that company members do not pay for anything. If anything were to change, company members would be consulted.


What if you have no experience?

Having experience is an asset, but this program will also provide experience and skills. Our goal in the audition is to see if you have the potential and are ready for this program. If you are not successful for our first call, we encourage you to attend future calls.


Can I still audition for shows if I don’t make it into the program?

Absolutely, yes. We encourage you do to do this. Performers grow and change over time, so we hope to see you return. Who knows, you may even be invited into the program based on your show audition.


Can I participate in workshops if I am not a part of the ARC program?

Right now, you cannot. If there is suitable demand from non-company members, we may offer an additional workshop for those not in the program. This may include a fee and be on a case by case basis. We are looking into further opportunities for those who are not selected for the program.