Casting Calls

Casting Calls

July 29, 2019


To Kill a Mockingbird at Holy Heart Theatre.

If you have any questions or would like to set-up an audition please email: aordirector at gmail dot com.

Minimum age to audition is 13. Parental permission required if offered a role.

No experience necessary.

If you do have experience, please send a headshot and c/v or resume indicating experience.

***Specific background needed for 3 characters; Reverend Sykes, Calpurnia, and Tom Robinson: Black / African / Caribbean descent ***

From the Book by Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird

Adaptation by Christopher Sergel

Produced by Special arrangement with the Dramatic Publishing Company Woodstock, Illinois

Revered Sykes… A Minister.
Calpurnia… The House Keeper
Tom Robinson…A young man.
Jean Louis Finch (Scout)…A young girl.
Jeremy Finch (Jem) … Her older brother.
Atticus Finch…Their father.
Stephanie Crawford… Neighbour.
Mrs. Dubois… Neighbour.
Arthur Radley (Boo) … Neighbour.
Charles Baker Harris (Dill)…A young boy.
Heck Tate…The Sheriff.
Judge Taylor…The judge.
Mayella Ewell…A young woman.
Bob Ewell…Her father.
Walter Cunningham…A farmer.
Mr. Gilmer…The public prosecutor.
Clerk…of the court.

Casting Form here: