Audition sides for To Kill a Mockingbird.

Parental Guidance:

**Please note** Strong language and mature themes: Use of the N-word, mentions of rape.

Click on the sides you wish to download.

1. Atticus, Jem, Scout: Atticus_Jem_Scout

2. Atticus, Mayella: Atticus_Mayella

3. Bob Ewell, Atticus, Gilmer, Judge Taylor, Scout, Jem: BobEwell_Atticus_Gilmer_JudgeTaylor_Scout_Jem

4. Boo Radley, Scout, Atticus, Miss Maudie: BooRadley_Scout_Atticus_MissMaudie

5. Judge Taylor, Mayella, Gilmer: JudgeTaylor_Mayella_Gilmer

6. Miss. Maudie, Miss Stephanie: MissMaudie_MissStephanie

7. Mrs. Dubose, Miss Maudie, Jem, Scout: MrsDubose_MissMaudie_Jem_Scout

8. Tom, Atticus: Tom_Atticus

9. Calpurnia, Jem, Scout: Calpurnia_Jem_Scout

10. Calpurnia, Rev. Sykes: Calpurnia_RevSykes