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Oh and…

Oh and…

It’s been a strange summer for me. I’ve had some health challenges (*not COVID!), but working on soldiering through. Have worked on some projects and some exciting things on the horizon. Here’s to hoping you can support local creatives and #BIPOC creatives who need an extra boost. Stay tuned to this page and our instagram for updates. Thanks for your support!



AOR Presents is committed to creating opportunities for new and emerging talent. We have produced a number of mentoring projects designed to develop skills for young performers from ages 13-25. We’ll continue that tradition with a new focus.

Are you passionate about acting? Dance? Musical Theatre? Are you trying to develop as a triple threat? Want to work with industry professionals? Want to learn about how shows are produced behind the scenes? We want to help. Stay tuned to this site as we roll out an exciting new program for performers aged 13-17 and 18-25.

In the past we have produced mentoring projects to develop new and emerging talent including The Diary of Anne Frank (2009), The Outsiders (2011), and Lord of the Flies (2012) among others. During these productions students received workshops from professional actors and technicians. However, once the show was done, they received no further training.

Until now.

We’ll be taking things deeper this time around.

Performers will audition to be a part of this performance company (for this first session we’ll be accepting a maximum of 15 per age group).  Once accepted, company members will work with professional actors, choreographers, directors, and technicians on a series of workshops to develop their skills and process.

Once through the first performance studio series, students will then be a part of a mainstage production.

The cost of this program is time. There are absolutely no fees for those selected for the program.

Stay tuned for more details. Exciting times ahead!