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1984 Tickets!


Big Brother is Watching.

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Fresh off the heels of their fall production of Dracula, AOR Presents George Orwell’s 1984.

This stage adaptation of 1984 is true to the novel in which Orwell depicts with great power the horrors of man’s fate in a society where Big Brother is always watching—where everything that is not prohibited is compulsory. In a world where surveillance is mandatory and even your very thoughts may be investigated by the Thought Police. This theatrical event is both powerful and disturbingly provocative.

Comrade Winston Smith (Cameron Johnston) works for the Party in the Ministry of Truth where he edits historical records to match the truth of the day on behalf of the Party.  But he has a feeling…Something isn’t right.  When Comrade O’Brien (Gaby Forsey) a senior member of the Party arrives with Comrade Julia (Ananya Antony), Winston’s world get turns upside down.

The state teaches War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength. In a future world where Big Brother is always watching the citizens of Oceania through the Telescreen, how can you be free?

Featuring the many talents of the ARC program: Ananya Antony, Cameron Johnston, Abby Martin, Heather Phillipps, Cole Williams, Katie Russell, Alicia Mason Quinton, Jayla Jacobs, Conor Fagan, Leslie Matsikiti, Mackenzie O’Keefe, Owen Carter, and introducing Gaby Forsey as O’Brien. With choreography by ARC member Samantha Situ Pham and direction by John Rao, this literary classic sheds new light on the dark moments of contemporary society.

Orwell himself once said, “I do not believe that the kind of society I describe necessarily will arrive, but I believe that something resembling it could arrive. The moral to be drawn from the dangerous nightmare situation is a simple one: Don’t let it happen. It depends on you.”

Join us for George Orwell’s 1984 this February 28-29, 2020 at the LSPU Hall.

Funds from this performance will support the James D. Boone Memorial Award and the ARC program.
Produced with permission from the Dramatic Publishing Company.



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